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Medium Bath Bombs

Medium Bath Bombs

All Bath Bombs are made with Natural, Pure and Organic ingredients. Bath Bombs are made with all natural skin loving ingredients, organic coconut oil, Non GMO all natural Citric Acid and Sodium Lauryl Sultoacetate with is derived from coconut and palm oils. It conforms to Ecocert natural and organic cosmetic standard. The Bath Bombs contain no chemicals and are scented with high quality theraputic essential oils 


When I started using Bath Bombs I wanted to know exactly what I was using on my skin and on the skin of my children so I started making them using only Natural and Organic products. I make them wanting them to be unique and part of healthy skin care. These are things that are important to me. Each one is specially handmade for YOU and made with 100% care for each one of my customers needs. If you would like Petals, Salts or Peels added for each one of your needs there is an option for that. Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.



  • Directions

    Fill you tub with water that's comfortable to the touch.

    Make sure you don't fill your tub straight to the top.

    Drop in the handmade Bath Bomb of your dreams and enjoy

    Get in the tub and enjoy

  • Ingredients

    Pure Sodium bicarbonate, Pure Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Pure Kaolin Clay, Natural Magnesium sulfate, Natural Polysorbate 80, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oil, Organic Cosmetic Mica (Optional) Organic Flower petals Natural Sprinkles, Bath Salt or Dried Fruit 

  • Medium Round Bath Bomb

    Weight: 5.0oz

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